Soap Secrets Revealed

Ever stopped to wonder what’s in that soap you use to lather up while bathing?  Since it’s something that we use everyday (hopefully!), then we should be aware of what we’re exposing ourselves to so often, especially if we have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, dry or aging skin.  Natural soaps are also gentler on babies […]

Eco-friendly Auto/Travel Club

If you’re worried about a loved one possibly needing roadside assistance or help with other aspects of travel, a thoughtful holiday gift might be a membership to an auto/travel club. But keep in mind, not all clubs are the same, especially when it comes to environmental issues.

Power Up With Rechargeable Batteries

This holiday season, a simple way to go green is to purchase rechargeable batteries instead of disposable alkaline batteries for electronic devices and toys. Alkaline batteries typically contain trace amounts of mercury and other elements, so they should be handled as hazardous waste upon disposal. Although they may cost more to buy, rechargeable batteries will […]

Weekend Event: San Fransisco Green Festival

Get out and experience the 7th annual Green Festival in the Bay Area this weekend. Enjoy live music; organic cuisine, beer & wine; films; workshops; and kids’ activities. A new Green Teen Pavilion will give teenagers a chance to partake in solar car racing and personalized cosmetic creation. See the latest developments in renewable energy […]

Inspirational Eco-Friendly Art

You know how the old adage goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, it couldn’t be more true for these ingenious artists whose medium almost ended up in the landfill. From paper to rebar, these pieces of art inspire all who see them.

Weekend event: Washington, D.C. Green Festival

Step out for some fun this weekend in our nation’s capital for the fourth annual DC Green Festival. Enjoy live music; organic cuisine, beer & wine; films; workshops; and kids’ activities. See the latest developments in renewable energy and green technology, learn how to green your home, and shop for green holiday gifts. Over 350 […]

Relax by Candlelight Naturally

After recommending soy-based candles in my last post about eco-chic bathrooms, I thought I would talk about them in more detail here. Soy-based candles come in a variety of aromas and create a soothing ambiance just as conventional, paraffin candles do, yet there are some key differences between the two.

Green Holiday Gift Ideas

In the spirit of ‘giving’ this holiday season, ModernEcoHomes has a great blog post about eco-friendly charities and fair trade sites that are sure to give your holiday gifts more meaning. Photo by Kasia

Save Gas with iPhone’s greenMeter

The greenMeter is a new iPhone application that computes a vehicle’s real-time fuel consumption, and displays the effects of acceleration, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance across the speed range, on easy-to-read graphs. The purpose is to increase a driver’s fuel economy and environmental awareness. Before starting out, Just enter a few key points, like the […]

Add Pizazz to your Home or Garden with Recycled Metal Sculptures

Hand-made from recycled steel, copper, aluminum, and auto parts (screws,nuts,bolts,chains,spark plugs.bearings), artists create unique sculptures that will add a touch of whimsy to your home or garden. These alloy experts find their medium at junk yards, auctions, and metal scrap yards. Creating the sculptures is a labor of love with hours spent on removing dust, […]

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