Looking to Plants for Energy Solutions

If you haven’t seen the PBS Nova series, “Making Stuff: …Smarter, Safer, Stronger,…,” then you’re missing out on seeing incredible science making our world a better place.  In the “Making Stuff:  Cleaner” episode, David Pogue provides us with an entertaining look into some of the latest technological advances in creating and storing energy to power […]

The Wonders of Porous Pavement

What is porous pavement? Porous pavement is a surface material that allows rainwater to filter through the surface to a stone reservoir beneath it.  From there, rainwater can infiltrate deeper into the ground and recharge aquifers, making it a practical and effective stormwater management tool.  It can be made of gravel, recycled rubber, even asphalt […]

Turf Wars, Part II

In Turf Wars, Part 1, I began this series talking about the numerous harmful effects our lawns have on our environment, with a special focus on water issues.  Here, I’ll concentrate on why lawns are detrimental to birds and why this matters. Birds (as well as the many other creatures adversely affected by lawns) do […]

Turf Wars, Part I

We all have them…and we’re always fighting with them, to keep them short & stout, weed-free and just the right color.  They consume our time, money, energy & water, and in return, they provide us with noise, air & water pollution.  They contribute to droughts and flooding.  Maintaining them also degrades many things:  the environment, […]

Win a Free Folding Bike!

Make urban living easier by using pedal power instead of gas-guzzling vehicles to get around.  It’s more convenient, cheaper and better for the environment.  Plus, storing and transporting your bike is now more manageable with a light-weight folding bike. Here’s your chance to win a free full-size folding bike by Montague!  For more information and […]

The Many Benefits of Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces, like driveways and lawns, to prevent it from entering the street, where it would pick up pollutants and heat on its way to our streams.  The rainfall waters the plants in the garden, then slowly filters into the ground where it replenishes our […]

Planning your Native Plants Garden

Winter is the perfect time to think about planning your garden.  It won’t be long before spring is in the air and flowers will be blooming.  Whether you’re looking to add beauty, curb appeal or a habitat for song birds and butterflies, using native plants is the way to go. Why are native plants so […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Stormwater Runoff Pollution

Even though much of the nation is experiencing drought conditions these days, there’s a greater chance of runoff when we have quick and heavy thunderstorms since the ground is so dry.  Plus, all of the impervious surfaces (paved surfaces & developed areas) contribute to runoff of rainwater and prevent it from sinking into the ground […]

Earth-Friendly Fourth of July

Let’s celebrate our freedom by taking care of this great land we live on.  Here are my quick tips for a festive, eco-friendly 4th: FOOD & DRINK:  Check out your local farmers’ market this weekend and fill your reusable shopping bag with local and organic products.  Serve  up your goodies with recycled paper products (plates, […]

Transforming Wastelands into Public Parks

Current state of Gowanus Canal (pictured above) A promising plan for the polluted Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, New York will transform this Superfund site into an 11.4 acre park of greenways, recreational open spaces and wetlands.  The future park, dubbed the Gowanus Canal Sponge Park, will use wetland plants to remediate polluted waters.  Wow!  The […]

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