Infographic: The Greenest College Campuses

Who’s the greenest of them all?  Online Colleges Guide has created an infographic of the “greenest” college campuses in the United States. Compiled by: Online Colleges Guide

Manure Converted to Clean Energy?!

It’s true!   North Carolina is not only known for its Carolina blue skies, but also for its humongous hog farms.  Typically all the waste produced by thousands and thousands of hogs fills stinky lagoons, and sometimes overflows onto the surrounding landscape. The hog waste produces methane and ammonia which, thanks to Duke University, Duke Energy […]

Easy, Green New Year’s Resolutions

It’s actually pretty simple to live more simply.  Help yourself and the planet at the same time with a few easy changes to your daily life.  Here’s my list of top 5 things anyone can do to lead a greener lifestyle all year long:

Top 5 Green Holiday Gifts

When you’re looking to give something more meaningful than a sweatshirt with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer plastered on it, why not bypass the commercialized Christmas and help protect the environment at the same time?  You’ll reduce demand for manufactured goods while doing good! I’ve compiled a list of earth-friendly gifts that won’t end up […]

Garden Insects: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Knowing which bugs are beneficial, and which ones are pests, goes hand-in-hand with natural, non-toxic gardening.  Whether you have a fruit and vegetable garden or a flower garden, a little knowledge about the creepy crawlies and flying insects that kill pests will keep your garden blooming without the use of harsh chemicals. Synthetic yard and […]

The Trouble with Moth Balls

The following is a guest post from Jakob Barry: Let’s face it, mothballs are pretty old school, but upon discovering half-eaten clothing in your closet, many people still consider them an option. The main problem, however, is the little white spheres are dangerous to all living things including people, pets and beneficial insects.

Got a Green Home? Show it Off!

If you’ve built or remodeled a home, or business, that features energy-efficient and eco-friendly elements, why not let others see what you’ve done?!  The American Solar Energy Society’s 16th annual tour takes place this October 1st in most areas of the country, and you can add your place to the tour list! Or, if you’re […]

Greener Pastures for Old Books

The following is a guest post by Alexis Bonari Take a look at those old, heavy textbooks on your shelves.  How many trees had to be cut down to produce them? Make sure those resources didn’t go to waste by leaving the books to collect dust on your shelves. Keeping a library of books can […]

What’s Wrong with Rain?

You may be thinking that there’s nothing wrong with rain, unless of course we’re getting too much, but that’s not what I’m talking about here….  Yes, it is a life-giving precious resource, but it is also a conduit for pollutants that make their way from our lawns, streets and parking lots into our fresh watersheds. […]

Go Green for Saint Patrick’s Day!

My top 5 St. Patrick’s Day tips to bring out your green side are: Enjoy nature by taking a walk in the park.  Maybe you’ll even come across a lucky four-leaf clover! Make some homemade Irish soda bread with all natural and organic ingredients. Walk, or take mass transportation, to your favorite Irish pub to […]

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