The Wonders of Strawbale Construction

Strawbale construction is beautiful, energy efficient, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.  Its non-toxic, natural materials are sourced from an agricultural waste product that is typically burned.  By utilizing strawbales as a building material, we can reduce pollution and maintain air quality, indoors and out. If you’re an ambitious do-it-yourself type, you can even build your own strawbale […]

The Future is Prefab Eco-Friendly Homes

The following is a guest post by Mariana Ashley, a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to To some this sounds like old news, to others this sounds like gibberish. What is a prefab eco-friendly home? The term prefab simply means prefabricated. […]

Got Leaks? Metal Roofs to the Rescue!

Not only do metal roofs look great and last a lifetime, they reduce energy bills too.  They’re available in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be applied to residential, commercial or industrial buildings.  There are metal roofs that mimic the look of cedar shakes, slate and even curved clay tiles.  Metal roofing […]

Sophisticated Strawbale Structures

The soft curves of a traditional straw bale houses are warm and inviting, but their “earthy ” appearance may not be for everyone.  Now there’s an alternative, more refined straw bale style.  California-based Architect Henry Siegel designed a sleek, modern weekend retreat (pictured here) utilizing the super insulative material. Strawbale construction has been successfully used […]

AIA’s Top 10 Green Projects

Each year, the American Institute of Architects’ Committee on the Environment (COTE) awards ten super sustainable structures. Most of the winners are located in the United States, however one winner is in Canada and another in Saudi Arabia.  The outstanding eco-friendly features include: Reuse of historic buildings Non-toxic materials, healthier homes Energy efficient design Wind, […]

Today’s “Green” Homes Will Surprise You

Looking for something interesting to read this summer?  Author Sheri Koones highlights 25 high-style, eco-friendly homes in her new book titled, “Prefabulous + Sustainable.”  Here, you’ll see how energy efficiency and green materials are used to create beautiful, cost-effective homes.  Check out WalletPop for the full scoop. photo by Roger Wade Studio

Green Garden Sheds

Thinking about adding a potting shed, storage shed, studio or playhouse to your yard?  Well, the good news is that these utilitarian outbuildings can actually be attractive, functional and even eco-friendly. The following sheds are made from recycled materials:

Green Home Tour Seattle Style

Looking for a new love nest?  This Saturday, you and your special someone can take a tour of the Beau Developments new urban lofts project in Seattle’s Judkins Park Neighborhood.  What could be more romantic than saving money on energy bills in your new pad?  These homes are estimated to have 40% lower energy bills […]

Straw Building Products are Really Strong!

Straw, a waste by-product of, most notably, the wheat industry has been gaining in popularity for use in the green building industry, and for good reason.   It’s long been an environmental issue to dispose of straw, the remaining by-product of wheat grain after it is harvested.  Typically, it has been burned which causes serious air […]

Eco-friendly Hotels are on the Rise

Recently, a chic hotel in downtown Philadelphia opened which is indicative of a positive, “greening” trend in the industry and the world today.  The former Architects Building in Rittenhouse Square was transformed into the luxurious Hotel Palomar.  It was constructed to the United States Green Building Council’s high performance LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental […]

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