What’s the Greenest Product of All?

In this age of environmental awareness, many people seek out green products for everything from building materials to home furnishings, but how do we know which products are the best green choices?

Being More Green While Getting Clean

Showers vs. Baths. Consumer Reports has a recent post tackling the subject of which is more green. First, full disclosure, I’m a shower person but I will not allow my bias to affect this post in any way. Second, going all uber-green and either not showering or not taking a bath on a regular basis […]

Natural Pool Solutions

If you love the luxury of having your very own swimming pool, but aren’t fond of swimming in a chemical soup, there are some natural options that will keep your pool sparkling clean.

Keep Your Gutters Clean and Green

Looking for a green solution to keep your rain gutters free and clear of debris? I’ve recently come across a low-cost gutter protection system that is not only recyclable, but is made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE plastic (detergent bottles and milk jugs).

Environmentally-friendly Household Tips

With over 100 million households in the United States, it’s clear that we can have a huge impact with simple actions that benefit the environment, as well as the health of our families. I’ve compiled a list of easy things you can do that can make a difference everyday.

Cleaning Wood Floors

If you’re fortunate enough to have precious hardwood floors, whether they are brand new or a hundred years old, here’s a great tip for cleaning them. According to a recent blog post on the Daily Green, “Clean your wood floors with a solution of one-quarter cup of white vinegar (about 2 liquid ounces) mixed in […]

Looking to Clear the Air in Your Home?

Is the air you breath inside your home making you sick? Indoor air is typically more polluted than the air outside due to synthetic, chemical-based cleaning products, paint and furnishings. Not only are these things detrimental to the health of your family, but also to the health of the environment. Check out Planet Green here […]

The Greenest Commercial Cleaning Machines

If you’re in the market for good commercial vacuums, deep cleaning machines, and carpet cleaning products, look for the CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label logo on packaging, displays and on the machines themselves. The CRI is the Carpet & Rug Institute and it tests (at an independent laboratory) and certifies the effectiveness of such products. […]

Natural Home Cleaning

If you have an exciting weekend of household cleaning ahead of you, here are some tips that will allow you to breathe easier. Basically, you have three good options:

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