Refinishing Floors or Furniture? Try Non-toxic Wood Stains

There’s nothing more green than re-using what you already have.  But if your old wood floors or furniture need a “face-lift”, you can get a new, beautiful finish by using non-toxic wood stains. First, start by stripping the old paint or stain using products that don’t compromise the environment, both indoors and out.  Then, use […]

Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture, Part 1

If you’re finally “suffering” from Spring fever and anxious to spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family, you may be in need of new furnishings for your outdoor living spaces.  Even outdoor furniture can have environmental attributes, such as being made from recycled and sustainable materials. In part one of this series, I’ll […]

Old Bicycle Parts Live on as New Household Goods

Ever stop to think about what happens to bicycles once they’ve outlived their usefulness?  Hopefully, they’re not headed to the landfill.  Some innovative entrepreneurs have found a cool, creative outlet using discarded bike parts.  Not only does this keep these materials out of landfills, but it also saves energy and resources when creating “new” items. […]

Treat your Windows to Natural Fiber Shades

Looking for a decorative and eco-friendly solution to control sunlight and heat in your home?  One option is to use window shades and draperies made from natural fibers, such as reeds, grasses and hemp, without the use of chemicals, dyes or other harsh processing.  An amazing variety of styles and natural hues are available to […]

Green Ways To Give New Life To Recycled Furniture

The following is a guest post by Caroline Smith of, where you can find a selection of bar stools made from recycled or sustainably-sourced materials. Since I moved to my new house I’ve been concentrating on redecorating one room at a time, as my budget allows.  Furnishing a room from scratch can be expensive, […]

Decorating with Eco-friendly Fabrics

If you want to create a designer look in your home using eco-friendly materials, one way to accomplish this is to use organic cotton and hemp fabrics.  They are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, which make them healthier for the soil, air, water, farm workers and you!  The low-impact […]

Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

Looking to organize and de-clutter your home or workplace and want to do so with environmentally-sensitive materials?  Well, if you’re handy, or can hire a carpenter, one option is to build your own storage solutions from wheatboard, sunflower board, kirei board, formaldehyde-free MDF, reclaimed wood, or FSC-certified wood. For a variety of pre-built storage options, […]

Free Green Building Web Seminars

The not-for-profit educational initiative, The Green Building Initiative, will be offering 4 free, interactive web seminars this month for commercial building owners.  The series, called “Managing Green Performance of Existing Buildings” will focus on “the dynamic, cost-effective, design and assessment tool, Green Globes™, Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings. Green Globes™ helps establish a baseline, prioritize […]

The Surprising Beauty of Rammed Earth Floors

If you’re thinking that a “rammed earth” floor sounds like it’s made of dirt, then you’d be right.  It may seem a bit strange, but a floor comprised of dirt, gravel, straw, sand, and clay, actually has many redeeming qualities.  Once it’s been compressed, and sealed with natural linseed oil, a rammed earth floor is […]

Build Character into Your Next Project with Reclaimed Wood

Looking to make your next woodworking project extra special? By building with reclaimed wood, your project will obtain instant character and beauty. Whether reclaimed wood is sourced from historic buildings and barns, old wine barrels, or even from the bottom of lakes and rivers, it reveals a rich patina when it is re-milled for its […]

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