Greenest Hotel Opens in U.S.

Green buildings are popping up everywhere, and hotels are no exception. The Proximity Hotel, the first luxury hotel to be awarded LEED Platinum status by the U.S. Green Building Council, opened it doors recently in Greensboro, NC. The 147-room hotel is expected to use 40% less energy and 30% less water than a conventionally-built, comparable […]

Wake-Up Call: Planet in Peril

Well, anyone who watched the first half of the new CNN documentary, “Planet in Peril”, surely had their eyes opened wide. Last night, the footage concentrated on the effects that overpopulation and species loss has on our environment. It was quite unnerving. You might think it’s bad now, but by the year 2050, the world […]

‘Planet in Peril’ Premieres Tonight

CNN will be debuting its new special documentary, Planet in Peril, October 23rd and 24th, at 9pm EST. My favorite news reporter, Anderson Cooper, along with Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta will be exploring environmental changes happening right now around the globe in the two-part series. The film was shot in high […]

Flying Car?

I typically try to focus on green building, but this just captured my attention and it is green after all. The Aptera, a 3-wheeled hybrid car that gets up to 230 miles per hour gallon will be priced around $29, 000 and will be available in late 2008. It has the standard features, like airbags, […]

Colorado Hotel Making Green Strides

Imagine relaxing in a chemical-free hotel room where even the shower is chlorine-free.  The Boulder Outlook Hotel and Suites will soon offer one.  In addition, they have set up a comprehensive program to

Pourous Concrete, An Answer to Stormwater Runoff?

Stormwater that runs off impervious paved surfaces, like driveways, roads and parking lots, carries a lot of pollutants with it. Oil, fertilizers, pesticides, dirt, antifreeze and other contaminants end up polluting our rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. One solution is porous concrete, that can be used as a substitute for some conventionally paved surfaces. It […]

The Greening of the Hotel Industry

When I used to travel, I always wondered if the hotel I stayed at practiced any sort of environmentalism. It was nice to see if there were any signs indicating that they were making attempts. I’ve now found that Environmentally Friendly Hotels makes it easy to find eco-friendly lodging worldwide. Another sign of hope here […]

Greenbox Invented to Capture Emissions

A chemist and two engineers in Wales have spent two years inventing and testing an exhaust collection device that is being dubbed “Greenbox”. It captures 85 – 95% of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions (those that contribute to global climate change) from automobiles. It looks promising, even instilling hope to capture emissions from buildings […]

Bicycling to Curb Pollution in Paris

In an effort to reduce pollution and traffic, Paris is joining other cities, like Stockholm, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona and Copenhagen, by providing bicycles at various stations around the city for use by citizens and tourists. The bicycles are even free for the first half hour! Daily, weekly or yearly passes are available in 8 languages, […]

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