Efficiency Tips for Central Air Conditioning

To reduce your utility bills, save money, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make your A/C long-lasting, energy efficiency is key. To keep your central air working optimally, follow these easy tips: FOR EXISTING A/C UNITS: Change the filters when dirty! Check it every 1-3 months and replace with a good quality filter.  The filter’s “MERV” […]

Alec Baldwin Requests Wind Turbine

The environmentally-conscious actor and resident of the Hamptons, NY, has recently applied for a wind turbine for his 8+ acre home site. Although a couple of farms and the fire station operate wind turbines in Amagansett, he would be the first homeowner to have one. A public hearing will determine whether or not Mr. Baldwin’s […]

Green Your Ride with an Eco-Friendly Auto Club

Whether you drive a car, RV, motorcycle or bicycle, there may come a time when you need roadside assistance.  Why not support an auto club company that cares about the environment?   They even offer insurance, travel discounts and carbon offsets to help lessen your impact on the earth.  Memberships also make great gifts.

Increase Comfort and Reduce Energy Bills This Winter

Windows and exterior doors are, of course, necessary elements of any home, but if they are old and drafty, you may wonder about how to make them more energy efficient.  Whether you live in an historic home, or a home that has only single-pane windows, there are some relatively inexpensive and easy fixes you can […]

Affordable Solar Tube Skylights Brighten Up Interior Spaces

Want to shed some light on that dark area of your home or commercial building without turning on the lights and driving up your electric bill?  A great solution is to install solar tubes, aka sun tunnels, which are easily retrofitted into existing buildings.  In fact, depending on the Energy Star rated system you choose, […]

Save Trees and Stop Junk Mail

It has been said by some scientists that the simple deed of planting trees (many, many trees) would significantly reduce the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, that we spew into the air at an alarming rate on a daily basis.  The least we can do is try to save the trees already in existence. The good news is […]

High Cost Heating Bills Make Renewable Energy More Attractive

If high-cost heating and electric bills are making this winter unbearable for you this winter, perhaps it’s time to consider clean, renewable energy options.  It’s a perfect time, since generous state and federal tax credits, rebates, grants, and loan programs are available for those who install solar energy systems, small wind systems, geothermal heat pumps, […]

Keep Old Windows In Place, Yet Still Increase Energy Efficiency

We’ve all heard that replacement windows are the way to go if you want to increase the energy efficiency of your home and building (and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with generating energy).  While it’s true that they will reduce heating and cooling bills, the up-front investment may not be in the budget.  However, there […]

The Power of the Sun Can Really Heat Up Your Swimming Pool

Craving a longer swimming season? A great way to achieve this is with a solar thermal heating system.  Not only can you keep the pool feeling warmer for 2-4 weeks longer, but your summer electric bills won’t skyrocket! Plus, utilizing the power of the sun doesn’t create any pollution or greenhouse gases like conventional electricity generation.  Other […]

How to Power Your Home with Clean Energy

When you stop to think about how our electricity is generated, much of it by burning coal, you may wonder about alternative sources of energy that don’t pollute the air and generate greenhouse gases.  Clean energy, powered by renewable sources, includes solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass fuels.  While the initial cost of renewable energy systems […]

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