Kill Mosquitoes Naturally

If you’re tired of being dinner to these nasty bugs carrying West Nile Virus and other diseases, here are some ideas to get rid of them in your yard without spraying toxic chemicals: 1.  Attract BIRDS that love to dine on mosquitoes.  They’ll eat hundreds! It’s a win-win, the birds help you and you help […]

Enliven your Backyard with a Pond

A small pond can have many uses … it can serve as a focal point or a relaxing destination at the end of a meandering path through your yard; it can be a valuable water source for interesting wildlife such as birds, frogs, turtles and other beneficial wildlife; it can contribute to a healthy ecosystem […]

Vertical Composting!

How’s this for an ingenious idea?!  This vertical compost bin not only makes black gold for the garden, but it serves as a privacy fence!  An attractive arbor sits atop the “bin” made of cedar posts and welded wire fencing.  Fallen leaves and yard clippings fill in the bin to provide privacy. For other sustainable […]

Eco-Chic Cabinetry

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or bath, or looking to add built-ins to a reading nook or media room, you can make environmentally-friendly choices when it comes to cabinetry.  Not only are these choices better for the planet, but they’re also better for your health. Eco-friendly options for cabinetry include: FSC certified wood:  The Forest […]

Reclaim Your Space with Unique Furnishings

If you’re looking to add a special piece of furniture to your home that will add instant character, consider those made with reclaimed wood salvaged from old buildings and barns. Rich with an aged patina that is lacking in new wood furniture, these renewed solid wood furnishings are stable and strong and will likely last […]

Green Squared: The New Certification for Tile

To make your selection of earth-friendly tile and installation materials easier, the Tile Council of North America has developed a new certification system.  Ceramic and glass tile, setting materials, grouts, backer boards and membranes must meet high environmental standards in the five categories displayed above and include recycled content, waste minimization and indoor air quality. […]

Efficiency Tips for Central Air Conditioning

To reduce your utility bills, save money, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make your A/C long-lasting, energy efficiency is key. To keep your central air working optimally, follow these easy tips: FOR EXISTING A/C UNITS: Change the filters when dirty! Check it every 1-3 months and replace with a good quality filter.  The filter’s “MERV” […]

Got Weeds? All Natural Solutions to the Rescue!

We all have them… in the garden and flower beds, the lawn, patio, driveway/walkways… but what can you do to keep weeds under control without using toxic chemicals that are harmful to your kids, pets and the environment? Here are some easy earth-friendly tips that’ll also save you money!

Low Maintenance Decks that Green your Backyard

Considering a new deck to increase your outdoor living space?  Or, perhaps it’s time to replace that splintered old deck or boat dock.  Good news, there are lots of durable eco-friendly choices available today. Composite decking boards, railings and accessories are great options because they have a wood grain appearance, but these long-lasting materials resist […]

FUNctional Furnishings!

With astonishing creativity, old sports equipment is being transformed into fantastic indoor and outdoor furniture.  From tennis balls and baseball bats to bike parts and ping pong balls, these seemingly used-up sporting goods are reappearing as new benches, chairs, tables, even lighting!  Recycling at its best! See my earlier post about playful outdoor furniture made […]

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