How Green is Your Home Office?

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you’re already doing your part to be green — reducing transportation impacts by not commuting.  Of course if you’d like to be even more environmentally-friendly, there are plenty of other things you can do. 

Green Your Real Estate Purchases with Historic Properties

Breaking ground and building new may be exciting, but it is rarely environmentally-friendly.  Not only is pristine land and wildlife habitat being destroyed at alarming rates, but the construction process generates a massive amount of waste, much of it not being recycled, even though 95% is typically recyclable.  Two to seven tons of waste, including […]

Face it with Artificial Stone

Stonework on the exterior of a building adds a timeless architectural element to any home or building and makes a beautiful natural statement.  However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have the rocks originate right there at the site, then it can be quite expensive and labor intensive.  There are some innovative companies that manufacture […]

Recycling Old Carpeting

Generally speaking, carpeting isn’t exactly the most sustainable flooring option since it is petroleum-based and needs to be replaced after only a few years.  Although, natural wool carpeting, like hardwood flooring, lasts for several decades.  So, what happens to all of the nylon, olefin, and polyester carpeting that does need replacement?  Does it just end […]

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Faux Stone Pavers Made from Recycled Tires

Flagstone patios, cobblestone walkways, and meadering stone pathways add a lovely natural look to any homestead.  But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking for a durable, eco-friendly and light-weight material for these kinds of projects, a great option is to use pavers made from recycled rubber tires.  With 242 million tires being discarded or burned every […]

Green Roofs Tour and Conference in Atlanta

I wrote about the merits of innovative green roof systems in a previous post, including stormwater management, reduction of the urban heat-island effect, and habitat for migratory and pollinating species.  This June, industry professionals and the public can tour a number of these gardens atop various buildings in Atlanta, Georgia.  Workshops at the Green Roofs […]

Recycled Paper Makes Cool Countertops

It may seem a little odd to make kitchen and bath countertop surfaces from recycled paper, but such materials are manufactured to be surprisingly durable and versatile for a variety of applications.  They can be used as countertops, tabletops, floors, and wall panels. These easy-to-care-for countertops resist water, stains and scratches, and do not offgas […]

Alternative Building Expo and Green Building Tour head for Santa Monica

The 6th annual AltBuild Expo and Green Building Tour, both free events, will be presented by the City of Santa Monica, California, next month.  On May 2nd, the self-guided tour will highlight local green residences and commercial structures.  The Expo, where the latest and greatest in green building products and services will be on display, […]

GreenStrides Announces Consultation Services

I am excited to announce that GreenStrides has launched a new consultation service aimed at helping homeowners and small business owners go green.  GreenStrides Living offers something for everyone with three distinct services:  the Green Living Consultation; the Green Makeover; and Green Design Counseling. Our Green Living Consultation provides practical and cost-effective solutions to make […]

Top 10 Affordable Green Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings use a tremendous amount of energy, water and resources, in their construction and in daily operations, but there are numerous ways to reduce environmental impacts and cut those costs at the same time.  The Environmental Building News just issued it’s top 10 affordable green retrofit strategies that are useful even if your building […]

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