Hidden Toxins in Plants from Big-Box Retailers

A report recently released by the Pesticide Research Institute and Friends of the Earth warns that, “More than half of ostensibly bee-friendly plants sampled at 18 Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart garden centers in the U.S. and Canada contained high levels of neonicotinoids (a pesticide), which are considered highly toxic to bees, butterflies and other […]

Toxic Driveway Sealants

In my previous post, I showed the top 5 ways to make a driveway, yes driveway, more environmentally friendly.  Even our driveways can be more green!  Now there’s evidence that sealing our driveways and other blacktops with coal tar sealants is toxic.  These sealants not only contaminate our soil and drinking water supplies as rain […]

Work Out at Your Local Park for Free!

The Trust for Public Land has installed outdoor fitness equipment at numerous parks across the country, with many more in the works.  These “fitness zones” provide free access to gym equipment that anyone, from athletes to the elderly, is welcome to use.  Some zones even comply with ADA standards (American with Disabilities Act). Many fitness […]

The Ugly Side of Water

It’s the most essential resource we have:  Water.  We all take it for granted.  We turn on the tap and expect clean water to flow out.  But is it really clean?  I recently watched a riveting film about the water infrastructure system here in the United States, and I was flabbergasted! Because the 2 million […]

Kill Mosquitoes Naturally

If you’re tired of being dinner to these nasty bugs carrying West Nile Virus and other diseases, here are some ideas to get rid of them in your yard without spraying toxic chemicals: 1.  Attract BIRDS that love to dine on mosquitoes.  They’ll eat hundreds! It’s a win-win, the birds help you and you help […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Stormwater Runoff Pollution

Even though much of the nation is experiencing drought conditions these days, there’s a greater chance of runoff when we have quick and heavy thunderstorms since the ground is so dry.  Plus, all of the impervious surfaces (paved surfaces & developed areas) contribute to runoff of rainwater and prevent it from sinking into the ground […]

Got Weeds? All Natural Solutions to the Rescue!

We all have them… in the garden and flower beds, the lawn, patio, driveway/walkways… but what can you do to keep weeds under control without using toxic chemicals that are harmful to your kids, pets and the environment? Here are some easy earth-friendly tips that’ll also save you money!

The Trouble with Moth Balls

The following is a guest post from Jakob Barry: Let’s face it, mothballs are pretty old school, but upon discovering half-eaten clothing in your closet, many people still consider them an option. The main problem, however, is the little white spheres are dangerous to all living things including people, pets and beneficial insects.

An Easy New Year’s Resolution: Recycling Your Old Electronics

This post is brought to you by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. “Did the holidays bring you new gadgets?  Here’s how to recycle your old ones. Electronic gadgets were at the top of many holiday shopping lists again this year, with iPads and Kindles fueling a lot of the buying frenzy. The biggest sellers were e-readers, […]

Tips to Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality this Winter

Winter may be a great time to “hibernate”, but if the air inside your home isn’t up to par, then it’s time to follow some tips to improve and maintain the quality of the air you breath.  These tips will be especially helpful for sufferers of asthma, children and the elderly, but of course all […]

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