Fall Fix-ups For the Yard, Part I

Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the leaves are just beginning to make their annual journey from the tree tops to the ground below.  It reminds me that Autumn is a wonderful time to get outside amongst the brilliantly-colored leaves and the crisp air, and get the yard ready for next Spring.  By following these tips, you’ll […]

The Dangers of Asbestos in Building Materials

The following is a guest post by Joe Lederman of Asbestos.com: Energy and sustainability fuel many facets of life in the United States. With a growing amount of education and technology in sustainable resources, many countries are leading the way towards a paradigm of green building and construction. In the world of home remodeling, there […]

Controlling Mold and Moisture

All of the recent rain storms pouring down upon us here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has lead me to think about excessive moisture build-up and mold issues in the home. Even though mold plays an important role outdoors (to break down dead, organic matter such as fallen leaves and trees), it can cause problems indoors. Mold […]

Fishing for Sustainabilty

The massive demand we place on seafood may not exactly be in the best interest of the fish and other sea creatures we consume, but our seafood selections can also affect our own health, as well as the health of the environment.  The good news is that some seafood is better than others in terms […]

Clearing the Air in the Bedroom

A bedroom should be a peaceful place where you can take a few deep breaths and relax.  One fundamental principle of green design is that the air you breathe should be of good quality, especially since indoor air can be more polluted than you might think.  Considering we spend about a third of our lives […]

Looking for a Home with Good Indoor Air Quality?

An increasing number of people are concerned about the quality of air inside their homes, and with good reason, as indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors.  Mold, gases, toxic chemicals, and other airborne pollutants can compromise indoor air quality.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted […]

Safer Lawn & Gardening Practices

Many of us want a lush lawn surrounded by blooming trees, flowers, and gardens, but are concerned about the health effects that various lawn and garden products have, especially on our children and pets.  Thankfully, there are many safer and more sustainable products on the market these days.

Sundance Channel’s New ECO TRIP Series Debut

The Sundance Channel known for it’s innovative and interesting programming recently premiered a new series that explores the origins and environmental impact of common everyday products.  The program reveals environmental, social and health effects of these products and provides its audience with simple solutions to living more sustainably.

Eco-Friendly Non-stick Cookware

With health and environmental concerns over the non-stick coating on conventional pots and pans, you may think your only option is to cook with regular, uncoated metal pans.  In that case, many times, you’ll find the food you cook will stick to, and make a mess in, the pan unless you use a good deal […]

What’s Wrong with Bottled Water?

It may be convenient to carry a bottle of water when on the go, but there is a huge impact on the environment that many are not aware of.  For starters, we use millions of barrels of oil and billions of gallons of water every year just to make the plastic water bottles.  Plus, a […]

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