Top 5 Reasons to Conserve Energy

Energy efficiency and conservation have numerous benefits for both the environment and human health. These include reductions in air pollution, acid rain and global warming; oil spills and water pollution; loss of wilderness areas and biodiversity; construction of new power plants; foreign energy dependence and the risk of international conflict over energy supplies.  Our actions […]

Clean the Air with House Plants

Not only do plants and flowers around the house or office make the atmosphere more cheery, but plants actually improve indoor air quality by absorbing contaminants in the air.  A two-year study conducted by NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) revealed the top house plants for removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide […]

Save Marine Life by Recycling Bottle Caps

Aveda, a natural beauty products company committed to helping the environment and people worldwide since 1978, recently launched its Recycle Caps with Aveda campaign.  Plastic bottle caps are not typically recycled and end up as litter where many find their way into our rivers and oceans.  There, they do not biodegrade, but float on the […]

Got Ice? Environmentally-Friendly and Pet-Safe Alternatives to Salt-based Melters

As I sit here looking out at freezing rain falling from the gloomy, gray sky, I am reminded about how to keep my walkway safe and ice-free.  Salt may be seem like the natural choice to melt snow and ice on your slippery sidewalks, but it can be harmful to your lawn, plants, walkway surfaces, […]

Coffee Drinkers Can Make a Difference

Need that cup of Joe to jump start your day? You may not realize it, but if your coffee is not “shade-grown”, you are contributing to a serious environmental problem. Due to the enormous demand for coffee, countless farmers have been clearing the land of rich forests that have been traditionally used to grow coffee […]

Windows, Part IV: Vinyl Frames

Learn about efficient low-E coatings in Part 1 of my series on windows; Part II to compare windows using the NFRC label; and Part III for a look at traditional wood-framed windows.  I’ll now cover windows framed in vinyl.  Vinyl, or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a long-lasting, low-maintenance option, however one should be aware of […]

Eco-friendly Kids’ Furniture

When furnishing your little one’s room, nontoxic materials and good indoor air quality are important considerations that will create a healthy environment for your developing child. Some U.S. furniture manufacturers go the extra mile and offer solid wood furniture that is made with nontoxic paints to minimize harmful VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. Stay with […]

Brad Pitt Narrates PBS Series e2 About Sustainability

The critically acclaimed PBS series e2, now in its third season, explores environmental challenges that global societies face with a look towards innovative solutions. Brad Pitt narrates e2 Transport which debuts today and delves into sustainable transportation alternatives such as:

Power Up With Rechargeable Batteries

This holiday season, a simple way to go green is to purchase rechargeable batteries instead of disposable alkaline batteries for electronic devices and toys. Alkaline batteries typically contain trace amounts of mercury and other elements, so they should be handled as hazardous waste upon disposal. Although they may cost more to buy, rechargeable batteries will […]

How to Green Your Garage

Your garage may not seem like an obvious place with the potential to go green, with its storage of chemicals and gas-guzzling automobiles, but the Grist has conjured up a few tips to help lighten your environmental impact.

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