Will Underground Parks See the Light of Day?

  The proposed Lowline in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is an ingenious idea to redevelop an acre of abandoned trolley tracks into a public park sporting live plants and trees.  The former Williamsburg Trolley Terminal originally opened in 1903 and closed in 1948 when trolley service was discontinued.  The subterranean space still retains some of […]

Historic Gardens in Need of Your Help

We all appreciate walking through a lovely garden, and those with historic character are especially appealing.  But, in order to maintain an authentic period look, much work has to be done.  Many historic gardens are in need of restoration.  Those involved in garden restorations rely on archaeological evidence, drawings, photographs and historical documents to bring […]

Must-See Places to Visit: Historic Water Fountains

Whether you’re walking through a public park, plaza or garden, there’s nothing more dynamic than experiencing the rushing sensation of a water fountain.  To me, the most iconic ones are the historic fountains.  They possess an extra special quality…they’ve withstood the test of time, perhaps having undergone painstaking restoration, reminding us of days gone by.  […]

Tour Savannah’s Secret Gardens

Savannah, Georgia is home to the largest urban National Historic Landmark District in the United States, and now you can experience this gem of southern hospitality.  The 78th Annual Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens will allow you to get a sneak peak into private historic homes, heirloom furnishings and gorgeous gardens. You can also […]