Will Underground Parks See the Light of Day?

  The proposed Lowline in Manhattan’s Lower East Side is an ingenious idea to redevelop an acre of abandoned trolley tracks into a public park sporting live plants and trees.  The former Williamsburg Trolley Terminal originally opened in 1903 and closed in 1948 when trolley service was discontinued.  The subterranean space still retains some of […]

Eco-friendly Composite Fence Options

Even fencing in your backyard can be done in a more earth-friendly manner with products composed of recycled materials, such as plastic (typically HDPE) and reclaimed wood fibers.  This combination of materials creates a low-maintenance, durable composite fence that is resistant to cracking, rotting, and insect damage.  Plus, it offers the look of wood, but […]

New Yorkers: Recycle your Christmas Tree at MulchFest 2013!

Want an easy way to transform your Christmas tree into mulch for your very own garden or another garden in the city?  The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, along with the NYC Department of Sanitation and GreeNYC, are offering earth-friendly ways to recycle your holiday tree with convenient options:  Pick-up service, drop-off […]

Cool Pavers

Choose the right pavers for terraces, patios, pool decks, walkways or driveways and you can minimize your impact on the environment.  Certain pavers can keep the area cool and also prevent stormwater runoff.  Here’s how:

Recycled Sculpture Adds Whimsy to any Garden

Some innovative artists know the value in discarded metal, tools, trampoline frames & springs, bike & automobile parts and everyday items.  They re-purpose such materials and create amazing works of art, some FUNctional, some purely decorative.  These ingenious artists turn their ideas, or your commissions, into unique metal garden art in many styles and sizes.

Reclaim Your Space with Unique Furnishings

If you’re looking to add a special piece of furniture to your home that will add instant character, consider those made with reclaimed wood salvaged from old buildings and barns. Rich with an aged patina that is lacking in new wood furniture, these renewed solid wood furnishings are stable and strong and will likely last […]

FUNctional Furnishings!

With astonishing creativity, old sports equipment is being transformed into fantastic indoor and outdoor furniture.  From tennis balls and baseball bats to bike parts and ping pong balls, these seemingly used-up sporting goods are reappearing as new benches, chairs, tables, even lighting!  Recycling at its best! See my earlier post about playful outdoor furniture made […]

Recycled Rubber Mulch Makes quite an Impact!

Want something cushy underfoot for your garden paths or flower beds?  How about creating a softer place to land under your kids’ swing set?  It’s also ideal for equestrian areas! Recycled rubber mulch is a great option…Not only is it shock-absorbing, but it’s eco-friendly too!  What a great way to re-use the millions of used […]

Eco-friendly Gardening Planters

Trying to keep your container garden truly green this summer?  Today’s marketplace offers many greener options for hanging baskets,window boxes, raised garden beds and patio/deck containers for flowers and veggies.  Look to your local nursery/garden center or online resources to find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges of planters.

Reclaimed Lumber for Home Improvement Projects

Whether you need wood for flooring, millwork, furniture, fireplace mantels or exposed beams, you can add instant character to your home by installing reclaimed and restored lumber.  These antique pieces of wood, some species no longer available, are very strong and stable.  This wood is typically sourced from historic buildings, barns, factories and mills. We […]

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