Furniture Artfully Created from Junk Cars

It may sound hard to believe, but artist Joel Hester and his crew at Dallas-based company, The Weld House, salvage steel panels from junk automobiles to create marvelous pieces of functional furniture.  The rough and ravaged pieces of weathered steel are transformed into cool coffee tables, beds, armoires, and artwork.  Some of these modern masterpieces […]

Add Character with Reclaimed Wood Flooring

One way to reduce demand on our timber resources, is to look for flooring and other products made from reclaimed wood.  This wood is salvaged from old factories, barns and other buildings where local resources were typically utilized to build and furnish them (a green trait).  It may even be sourced from the bottom of […]

Green Cabinets, Part III

Green cabinets are those made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, FSC-certified wood, or reclaimed wood.  Antique reclaimed wood is sourced from old buildings and barns that are condemned, abandoned or beyond repair, and is re-milled to reveal the beautiful, high-quality wood hiding beneath decades of dust, dirt and grime.  By re-using materials already in […]

Green Your Real Estate Purchases with Historic Properties

Breaking ground and building new may be exciting, but it is rarely environmentally-friendly.  Not only is pristine land and wildlife habitat being destroyed at alarming rates, but the construction process generates a massive amount of waste, much of it not being recycled, even though 95% is typically recyclable.  Two to seven tons of waste, including […]

The Green Side of Drywall

A common element in today’s homes and buildings is the use of drywall as the finish construction of interior walls and ceilings.  Drywall is typically comprised of a common mineral called gypsum which is mixed with fiber, sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper, and then kiln-dried.  It provides a thermal resistance R-value of 0.32 […]

Face it with Artificial Stone

Stonework on the exterior of a building adds a timeless architectural element to any home or building and makes a beautiful natural statement.  However, if you’re not fortunate enough to have the rocks originate right there at the site, then it can be quite expensive and labor intensive.  There are some innovative companies that manufacture […]

Recycling Old Carpeting

Generally speaking, carpeting isn’t exactly the most sustainable flooring option since it is petroleum-based and needs to be replaced after only a few years.  Although, natural wool carpeting, like hardwood flooring, lasts for several decades.  So, what happens to all of the nylon, olefin, and polyester carpeting that does need replacement?  Does it just end […]

Deck Out your Outdoor Spaces the Eco-friendly Way, Part II

In part I of my series on sustainable decking materials, I talked about recycled composite decking.  Here, I’ll focus on reclaimed wood that’s full of character and rich in history.  Wood salvaged from riverbeds and old barns, factories and other buildings slated for demolition, is typically superior to newly harvested trees.  Many species, including some […]

Let’s Face It, Brick Adds Historical Charm

Whether you’re restoring an historic home, re-facing your fireplace, or adding a meandering walkway through your backyard, nothing denotes a “classic” look like brick.  Plus, brick is fire-resistant, lasts for centuries, has thermal mass characteristics, and aids in stormwater management in outdoor applications.  Keep it “green” by using antique bricks or bricks made from recycled materials including iron […]

Deck out your Outdoor Spaces the Eco-friendly Way, Part I

Thinking of building a deck to enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest?  These days, decking materials come in all sorts of eco-friendly materials, from recycled plastic and composites to FSC-certified lumber and reclaimed wood.  Here, in Part I of my series, I’ll reveal the merits of composites that contain recycled polyethylene plastic (non-PVC) mixed […]

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