Easy Ways to Recycle Packing Peanuts

Are you finding packing peanuts all over the place after holiday gift-giving?  Of course, it’s always a good time jumping into a heaping pile of packing peanuts, but if you’re looking for more practical solutions, we offer those too.  You can store and reuse them the next time you need to protect the contents of […]

Recycled Rubber Mulch Makes quite an Impact!

Want something cushy underfoot for your garden paths or flower beds?  How about creating a softer place to land under your kids’ swing set?  It’s also ideal for equestrian areas! Recycled rubber mulch is a great option…Not only is it shock-absorbing, but it’s eco-friendly too!  What a great way to re-use the millions of used […]

Eco-friendly Gardening Planters

Trying to keep your container garden truly green this summer?  Today’s marketplace offers many greener options for hanging baskets,window boxes, raised garden beds and patio/deck containers for flowers and veggies.  Look to your local nursery/garden center or online resources to find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and price ranges of planters.

Eco-friendly Tile Options

Whether you’re renovating an old house or upgrading in new construction, there are many options for new green flooring and wall tile.  A wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, from traditional to contemporary, are available. Tile not only adds value to your home, but it is long-lasting, easy-to-clean and attractive.  Plus, tile can be […]

Decorative Recycled Glass Art

I have been amazed by the array of recycled glass objects (vases, pitchers, wall art, ornaments, home accessories, cheese plates, sculptures, lighting, even jewelry) that look like beautiful pieces of art.  Sometimes the new objects retain the character of the original glass bottles, while other times, the glass has been melted down to reveal completely […]

Revitalize your Exterior with Recycled Outdoor Rugs and Doormats

Looking for a quick fix to jazz up your outdoor spaces?  Try adding colorful accent rugs and doormats.  A wide variety of sizes and styles, from traditional patterns to whimsical motifs, are available.  They’re made of weather-resistant, recycled materials and brighten up any patio, deck or porch.  

An Easy New Year’s Resolution: Recycling Your Old Electronics

This post is brought to you by the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. “Did the holidays bring you new gadgets?  Here’s how to recycle your old ones. Electronic gadgets were at the top of many holiday shopping lists again this year, with iPads and Kindles fueling a lot of the buying frenzy. The biggest sellers were e-readers, […]

Recycled Metal Sculptures Add Pizazz to the Landscape

If you’re looking for something special to spruce up your home or garden, recycled metal sculptures offer artistic flair combined with eco-friendliness.  These individual artists create one-of-a-kind works of art, most of which are even functional:

Recycled Glass Rocks the Landscape!

Tumbled, recycled glass (with no sharp edges) can be integrated into landscapes to create striking focal points.  Imagine its use in fountains, fire-pits, fish ponds, pathways, mulch beds and gardens.  Add color to beautify landscapes without the use of thirsty plants!  From post-consumer bottles to post-industrial window scraps, recycled glass is available in a wide […]

Green your Backyard with Eco-friendly Furniture, Part II

In Part I of this series on eco-friendly outdoor furniture, I focused on those made with reclaimed wine barrels and other sustainable woods.  Here, innovative creations made from recycled skis, snowboards and HDPE plastic are highlighted.

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