Eco-friendly Interior Doors, Part II

As I’ve previously mentioned in Part I of this series of posts, there are many options for the environmentally-conscious shopper, even when it comes to buying interior doors.  I had focused on beautiful, reclaimed wood doors that add instant character and richness to any home.  Here, I’ll highlight residential and commercial doors made with recycled […]

Recycle Non-Wearable Clothing and Shoes

To start off the new year right, you may be cleaning out your closets to make room for new holiday gifts of clothing and shoes.  Likely, you have a pile of old pieces that are still useable, but some are probably not wearable any longer.  It’s easy to donate your wearable clothing to local thrift […]

Renew Your Backsplash with Recycled Glass Tiles

Looking to add a dazzling, yet functional, new backsplash to your ordinary kitchen or bathroom?  One eco-friendly option is to use recycled glass tiles since discarded glass takes hundreds, if not thousands of years, to decompose.  Tiled surfaces are durable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean, plus they work well indoors and out.  They’re perfect not only for […]

Recycled Glass Adds Pizazz to Landscapes

Pictured here, tumbled, recycled glass creates a striking and unique landscape with a “river” that winds through the yard.  Imagine its use in fountains, firepits, fish ponds, pathways, mulch beds, and gardens. How beautiful it would be in desert-scapes to bring in color without the use of thirsty plants!  From post-consumer bottles to post-industrial window […]

Light Fixtures Crafted from Recycled Materials

If you’re looking for unique and eco-friendly light fixtures, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a wide variety of styles available.  A few innovative companies are integrating recycled metals and glass, as well as sustainable woods, into stunning new designs, many of which accept energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

The Green Side of Drywall

A common element in today’s homes and buildings is the use of drywall as the finish construction of interior walls and ceilings.  Drywall is typically comprised of a common mineral called gypsum which is mixed with fiber, sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper, and then kiln-dried.  It provides a thermal resistance R-value of 0.32 […]

Recycling Old Carpeting

Generally speaking, carpeting isn’t exactly the most sustainable flooring option since it is petroleum-based and needs to be replaced after only a few years.  Although, natural wool carpeting, like hardwood flooring, lasts for several decades.  So, what happens to all of the nylon, olefin, and polyester carpeting that does need replacement?  Does it just end […]

Recycled Glass Makes Beautiful and Durable Countertops

It’s amazing how crushed glass mixed with a binding agent can create such cool countertops for the kitchen and bath.  The companies that make these solid surfaces not only divert waste materials from landfills, but many use sustainable manufacturing processes as well.  These eco-friendly alternatives to granite and quartz  are offered in a wide variety […]

Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces with Faux Stone Pavers Made from Recycled Tires

Flagstone patios, cobblestone walkways, and meadering stone pathways add a lovely natural look to any homestead.  But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer looking for a durable, eco-friendly and light-weight material for these kinds of projects, a great option is to use pavers made from recycled rubber tires.  With 242 million tires being discarded or burned every […]

Let’s Face It, Brick Adds Historical Charm

Whether you’re restoring an historic home, re-facing your fireplace, or adding a meandering walkway through your backyard, nothing denotes a “classic” look like brick.  Plus, brick is fire-resistant, lasts for centuries, has thermal mass characteristics, and aids in stormwater management in outdoor applications.  Keep it “green” by using antique bricks or bricks made from recycled materials including iron […]

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