Green Solutions for Stormwater Management and Drainage Problems

After receiving record-setting rainfall in many areas of the United States last week, and seeing raging creeks and rivers, the eroded streambanks and many flooded areas, it’s clear that home and business owners need to do something to help manage stormwater on their properties.  The rain water that runs off impervious paved surfaces, and even […]

The Wonders of Porous Pavement

What is porous pavement? Porous pavement is a surface material that allows rainwater to filter through the surface to a stone reservoir beneath it.  From there, rainwater can infiltrate deeper into the ground and recharge aquifers, making it a practical and effective stormwater management tool.  It can be made of gravel, recycled rubber, even asphalt […]

Turf Wars, Part I

We all have them…and we’re always fighting with them, to keep them short & stout, weed-free and just the right color.  They consume our time, money, energy & water, and in return, they provide us with noise, air & water pollution.  They contribute to droughts and flooding.  Maintaining them also degrades many things:  the environment, […]

Must-See Places to Visit: Historic Water Fountains

Whether you’re walking through a public park, plaza or garden, there’s nothing more dynamic than experiencing the rushing sensation of a water fountain.  To me, the most iconic ones are the historic fountains.  They possess an extra special quality…they’ve withstood the test of time, perhaps having undergone painstaking restoration, reminding us of days gone by.  […]

Surprising Advantages of Natural Swimming Pools

Tired of the same old generic look that traditional backyard swimming pools offer?  Why not consider something better… Natural swimming pools offer naturalistic beauty and provide your family with a healthier swimming environment.  Plus, they cost less to maintain! Here’s the full list of advantages:

The Many Benefits of Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces, like driveways and lawns, to prevent it from entering the street, where it would pick up pollutants and heat on its way to our streams.  The rainfall waters the plants in the garden, then slowly filters into the ground where it replenishes our […]

Oysters Offering Protection from Storm Surges?

It may sound strange, but oysters may provide one line of defense against storm surges along vulnerable coastlines.  Super Storm Sandy reminded us of our mistakes in allowing such extensive storm damage to occur. One major error was filling in “80% of the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary’s freshwater wetlands” so it could be developed with […]

The Ugly Side of Water

It’s the most essential resource we have:  Water.  We all take it for granted.  We turn on the tap and expect clean water to flow out.  But is it really clean?  I recently watched a riveting film about the water infrastructure system here in the United States, and I was flabbergasted! Because the 2 million […]

Enliven your Backyard with a Pond

A small pond can have many uses … it can serve as a focal point or a relaxing destination at the end of a meandering path through your yard; it can be a valuable water source for interesting wildlife such as birds, frogs, turtles and other beneficial wildlife; it can contribute to a healthy ecosystem […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Stormwater Runoff Pollution

Even though much of the nation is experiencing drought conditions these days, there’s a greater chance of runoff when we have quick and heavy thunderstorms since the ground is so dry.  Plus, all of the impervious surfaces (paved surfaces & developed areas) contribute to runoff of rainwater and prevent it from sinking into the ground […]

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