The Latest in LED Lighting

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led-luxetera-lightbulb.jpgSince lighting accounts for a significant portion of our residential and commercial electrical usage, improvements in energy-efficient lighting can have a huge impact. Strides are constantly being made in energy-efficient lighting like LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, which save even more energy than compact fluorescents and don’t contain mercury.

Every time you switch on a light, the energy generated from power plants releases greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, unless of course you’ve signed up for renewable energy (see my earlier post here). Conserving energy and increasing the energy efficiency of our homes and businesses are key ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Take a peek at a comparison of carbon dioxide emissions by light source.

LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last much longer, and give off much less heat than conventional incandescent lightbulbs. They are available for all sorts of lighting needs, from outdoor spotlights to soft bedroom lighting, and from task lighting to nightlights.

LEDs have been known to not shine the brightest light, but recent advances in technology are improving the lightbulbs. I’ve recently seen a new generation LED bulb, the Luxetera, that can be used in track lighting, reading lamps or outdoor spotlights. It has an impressive lifespan of 60,000 hours and, as all LED lightbulbs do, will save you money in the long run. Click here for a cost comparison.

So, the next time you’d like to save money on your utility bill, remember to look for LED lightbulbs, and help save the environment as well.

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One Response to “The Latest in LED Lighting”

  1. sam franke on April 15th, 2008 1:44 am

    those bulbs do look pretty sweet!
    I’d love to try out a few of them…

    it’s also great to see a site that has good prices for good bulbs… I’m used to seeing them for something like double the prices of that website!

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