The West is Being Left in The Dust

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It may have seemed dismal in the 1930’s when the great Dust Bowl storms in the western United States wreaked havoc on the land. Drought conditions and human activity are to blame for this extreme weather phenomenon. With the significant increase in misuse of the land over the past 150 years, like massive livestock grazing, dust levels have risen dramatically. dust-bowl.jpg

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado revealed that,”The chemical composition of the dust is changing. And it’s changing in a way that we actually see the byproducts of both industrial activity and agricultural activities in the dust. Excessive dust in the air can cause health problems including lung tissue damage, allergic reactions and respiratory problems.”

The increase in dust levels has also decreased snow cover, raising concerns over water availability. Its getting increasingly difficult to find an area of the U.S. that hasn’t been hit with worries over water. It’s scary to think about the impact of our activities on the environment, isn’t it?

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