The West is Warming Up

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climate-report.jpgThe Western portion of the United States is well-known for its dry climate and water scarcities, but now scientists warn that rising temperatures will impose even more severe drought conditions.

The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and the Natural Resources Defense Council have generated a report from scientific research data which reveals that the West is heating up more rapidly than not only the remaining United States, but the rest of the world.

Effects of global warming in the West include: deadly heatwaves and wildfires, diminishing water reserves, reduced snowpack, damaged ecosystems, crop loss, economic harm, and a growing dead zone off the coast of Oregon.

I think a good start would be to outlaw grassy lawns which consume vast amounts of water in the West. Wouldn’t it be common sense to use Xeriscaping and native, drought-tolerant plant species for landscaping in such fragile areas? Other solutions include using water-conserving fixtures in homes and businesses, capturing rain water in cisterns, increasing water restrictions, and reducing global warming pollution. The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on an important bill to curb greenhouse gases, “America’s Climate Security Act” (S. 2191), by this summer. Perhaps that would have a positive impact.

Even the composition of dust in the West is changing. See my earlier post hereIs another Great Dust Bowl in our future?

Visit the NRDC’s website here for more information and an interactive map of what’s been happening in each Western state.

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