Top 5 Permeable Driveways

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Driveways and other parking areas are typically paved with asphalt or concrete, and are not only unattractive, but detrimental to the environment.

When it rains, debris and pollutants flow off these impervious surfaces into our waterways, many times via the sewer system, which contributes to stormwater runoff pollution.

Paved parking areas also prevent rainwater from infiltrating into the ground beneath where it can recharge aquifers.

Here are my tips if you’re putting in a new driveway or replacing an old degraded one:

    1. Driveway garden with paved tracks for only the tires so a garden can grow in between like the one in this design.
    2. Recycled plastic grid systems, like Grass Pave 2, filled with grass, ground cover or pea gravel
    3. Concrete grid paving units (like those highlighted in another blogger’s post)
    4. Interlocking pavers such as the ECO-TEK™ Permeable Paving System pictured here.
    5. Gravel bordered by bricks or stone blocks works well for flat areas.


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4 Responses to “Top 5 Permeable Driveways”

  1. Juan Miguel Ruiz on June 22nd, 2012 7:41 am

    Wow these are nice. I hope that we have the same products such as Grass Pave 2 here when I get my own place. Thanks for sharing!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

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  4. Roman Stone Designs on May 18th, 2013 4:18 am

    These designs of driveways are unique and amazing. New patterns can easily be implemented in the driveways. Most people install interlocked design of driveways to make it cost-effective.

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