Utah’s Green Initiatives

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utah-clean-energy-pic.jpgWith its many natural wonders, there’s no doubt that residents and government officials would want to do what they can to preserve Utah’s environment.

According to Utah Clean Energy, there are several green initiatives on lawmakers’ agendas this legislative season.

  • Incentives for Highly Energy Efficient New Homes and Retrofits (Bill in process).
  • Clean Air and Efficient Vehicle Tax Incentives (H.B. 106).
  • Use of State Alternative Fuel Network (H.B. 62).
  • State Agency Energy Savings (Bill in process).
  • Renewable Energy Development Zones Task Force (Bill in process).
  • Amendments to Net Metering (Bill in process).
  • Energy Resource and Carbon Emission Reduction Initiative.
  • Solar Energy Generation Tax Credit (Bill in process).
  • Renewable Energy Standards for Utilities.

Make your voice heard by contacting your state representatives and committee members.  See Utah Clean Energy’s website here for more information.

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