Vegas Gambles on Green

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Las Vegas, Nevada is home to huge, elaborate hotels and casinos that seem to be bigger than life. The latest trend for these mega resorts is to conserve resources and increase energy efficiency in new construction.palazzo-hotel-las-vegas.jpeg

In fact, 15 new building projects in the desert city are seeking LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for adhering to high performance building standards. (One such project, the ornate Palazzo Hotel, is pictured above). It all makes sense with significant tax breaks for developers and huge savings in operations and maintenance costs over the long run.

Some green measures include the use of: water-conserving fixtures, energy-saving compact florescent lighting, energy efficient low-E windows, well-insulated walls, green roofs, low-VOC finishes and operable windows for better indoor air quality, hybrid vehicles for taxis, drought-tolerant native landscaping, and renewable energy from solar and wind power. Site location is another key element of the LEED standards, and the high density urban setting of the glitzy city that offers public transportation meets that requirement. Other important efforts include the recycling of water, as well as building materials from imploded structures.

During my visit to Vegas a few years ago, I didn’t witness much in the way of environmental awareness. I don’t remember even seeing requests to limit my water usage in such a drought-stricken town. One easy thing to do to save water during a multi-day visit, is to let housekeeping know that there’s no need to wash your bed linens every day. It’s encouraging to see that Sin City is making strides nowadays. Afterall, with 40 million tourists per year, each green action will surely make a difference!


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