Warm up Your Home with these Green Winter Tips, Part I

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Want to create a cozy retreat for those cold, wintry days and nights?  There are many things you can do to make your home feel warmer, improve its efficiency and lower energy bills.  In this post I’ll focus on ideas for drafty windows and doors.

  • ADD THERMAL DRAPES OR ADD CURTAIN LINERS to your regular curtains to keep your rooms warmer.  Options include liners that permanently attach to your existing curtains (either by sewing or using iron-on fusable tape), or liners that hang on the rod in back of your regular curtain.
  • LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN by opening curtains during the day, especially in south-facing rooms where sunlight is strongest.  Remember not to let landscape plants block windows outside your house.  Always consider the mature height and spread when adding new plants.
  • ADD DOOR DRAFT STOPPERS to the bottom of doors and windows.  They’re relatively inexpensive and also easy to make.
  • STORM WINDOWS in older windows help reduce heat loss.  “Shrink film” window kits will also help, especially on drafty sliding glass doors.
  • SEAL AIR LEAKS around doors and windows with non-toxic, low VOC (harmful volatile organic compounds) caulks and weatherstripping.
  • INSTALL SOLAR INFLECTOR SCREENS that draw in the sun’s heat in winter and block it out in summer.  You’ll significantly increase your window’s efficiency.
  • INSULATE YOUR ATTIC DOOR with an attic door cover or tent on pull-down doors or with rigid foam board insulation and weatherstripping on walk-up attic doors. In winter, this will keep heated air in your living spaces, and will keep hot attic air out in summer.

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  2. c2k on January 30th, 2012 6:33 pm

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